How to make Windows 10 style Wallpaper in Photoshop

Hi! If you’ve seen the Windows 10 Wallpaper and it called your attention, then you’re in the right place. Today I’m going to leave you here with a very simple Photoshop tutorial where I will teach you how to create a window 10 style wallpaper, but better, with your own logo on it. We’ll apply some techniques like radial blur and use some lens flare and smoke effects. The images that you’ll need for this tutorial can be downloaded below.

The original windows wallpaper 10 was originally created by GMUNK. In no way or form I’m trying to take credit for this project, I just want to explain how to do something similar in Photoshop. The end result of this work is what you can see in the first few seconds of the video and will achieve a result equal at the end of this video.

I’m sure you’re going to learn more from this tutorial and create a new background for your desktop wonderful!

Baixar Imagens do Tutorial:

Ricardo Araújo

Ricardo Araújo is a Communication and Multimedia Designer. Winner of a D&AD New Blood Award and likes to share his knowledge on his YouTube channel.

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