BBC Dimension

Client: BBC
Date: 16/01/2018

The Idea

According to the Gartner® Hype Cycle, Virtual Reality is an emerging technology about to reach the plateau of productivity in the next few years.

Introducing BBC Dimension — An app that makes more than streaming 360º videos. It helps users to immerse in the most spectacular BBC Earth shows, allowing them to jump between scenes, creating a unique experience.

The problem

The technology landscape rapidly evolves, so too BBC needs to create innovative ways to connect and deliver content using current or emerging technologies.


Ofcom’s research shows that young people continue to value BBC’s public service broadcasting significantly. However, successfully reaching them is a whole different matter. This concept proposal allows BBC to engage with the current audience and attract the interest of the youngest.

How does it work?

Choose a scene

Scenes are parts of full BBC earth episodes which work as a starting point. Users can jump between multiple scenes, creating a unique journey.


Set up your smartphone inside a VR headset to immerse in a unique experience guided by you. No headset? No problem! Use the 360º option.


The app generates data at the end of the experience. Analyse it, compare and share with your friends!

User Flow

Main feed

Explore featured and recent scenes to start or even make a deep search using filters like regions, habitats and shows.

Choose Mode

Choose between the VR headset and 360º experience. The screen changes as soon the phone is rotated.

The VR and 360º Experience

During the experience, secondary animals to the narrative appear with annotations so the users can tag them and move to another scene. It’s is always accompanied by some stats in the footer to keep the user informed and motivated.

Change Scenes

“The best interface
is no interface.”

Golden Krishna

A small button, found in the middle of the screen, is used to interact with tagged elements. With small movements of the head the dot moves and once locked in a target, a loader is activated, and the next scene jumps in.

The Outcome

Time spent

Shows the total time spent in the immersion and the percentage in ground, water and air.

Places Visited

Shows the number of regions and habitats visited.

Scenes Watched

Shows how many scenes you’ve played during the experience.

The animal inside you

Based on your interests during the immersion, the app tells what animal is similar to you.

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